Weddings are wonderful experiences of two lovers who want to signify their commitment to bond, intentionally, for the rest of their lives. In Western countries, wedding ceremonies are symbolic and overwhelmingly romantic, making the event really expensive, as well.

Weddings are lifetime dreams of every woman. Some men also dream of being involved in one, though, the extent and magnitude is not that great compared to girls' longing for it.

Because weddings are ceremonies that have evolved through the years to emerge as formal occasions, a lot of symbolic gestures and actions are required from the participants. From the bride to the groom, to the maid of honor and best man, Western culture has come up with universal wedding etiquette for every person in every wedding.

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In different cultures, it is their challenge to design the wedding dress in a manner it looks so unique during the wedding ceremony. This is the reason a wedding dress is highly focused in wedding ceremonies of different cultures.

Normally, white wedding dresses are used in modern world European countries. However, other cultures have totally different variations of wedding dresses in terms of color, design and pattern.

In Western cultures, brides from wealthy families use high class fabrics to reflect their social status, having highest form of available fashion combined with most expensive materials. On the other hand, poor brides wear the best church clothes they find on their wedding day.

Nowadays, wedding gowns may be of different price ranges, different variety of lengths and colors. Women can now also have the option to either have a dressmaker create one wedding gown or buy ready made gowns. Today, you can see many designs in the nearest bridal salons and have a better picture of what wedding dress suits on you.

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Are you a Native American looking for wedding ring designs prevalent in your country? Or, a person fascinated with various designs of wedding rings and lost to make a decision? I have got a genuine set of information on Native American wedding rings for you. Yes, by picking a Native American wedding ring, you would be able add the sparkle of rich tradition and culture in your wedding.

You can make the symbol of your wedding more interesting and unique with Native American wedding rings. Many of these rings are the excellent symbol of the eternal love that you have for your life partner. Well, you don't need to have an Indian descent to be able to appreciate the crafts and traditions of the Native American rings. It is your day; you have to make it extraordinary.

The tradition of slipping wedding bands marks the public declaration that the marriage contract between the bride and the groom is honored. Like most of the world cultures, the Native American people also believed in the theory of Vena Amoris— the love vein runs directly from the ring finger to the heart. It is also believed that as the left hand is close to the heart, it is the symbol of eternal love. King Edward IV also contributed to this belief legally. During his reign, he decreed that the third finger of left hand would be formally known as the Ring Finger. After this, The Book of Common Prayer also termed the left hand as the Marriage Hand.

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Wedding invitations are probably one of the most important items on your wedding checklist so you want to be properly organized. With so many things to remember when planning, preparing and mailing your wedding invitations, here is a short list of tips to help keep you on track.

Prepare your master guest list once you have gathered everyone's list of guests. This will provide you with the correct number of wedding invitations you need. Be sure to include bridal party attendants, parents, the officiant, etc. Remember, your invitation count will not exactly match the number of guests on your list since you will only mail one invitation to married couples.

Enclose a response card if you need an accurate guest count for food and seating arrangements. Remember to place a postage stamp on your response card envelopes as a courtesy to your guests. If you happen to be using a respond postcard, there will be no envelope so the stamp will go directly on the postcard (postcard postage is cheaper). Be sure to keep a copy of your guest list so you can check off guest names as their replies arrive.

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Wedding arches with flowers is one of many wedding flower arrangement ideas that is worthy of your consideration. There are actually many attractive options for using these arches, both with styles of arches and flower applications.

Arches appear in many architectural designs and are a great way to take advantage of the structure to enhance the wedding. Many churches have arches over the front door or along a walkway and some have arches inside. Garlands of greenery with or without flowers are lovely ways to enhance the beauty of these details.

Architectural arches in buildings make great backdrops for outdoor weddings. Some public formal gardens have arches carved in tall shrubbery. What an ideal setting for a wedding. Fresh flowers can be added for an awesome display.

Roses and climbing hydrangea are often grown on wooden or metal arches. If you have enough time to plan well in advance, a potted plant can be trained on an arch and moved to another location for the wedding.

When trees are planted across from each other, they can grow together to form a natural arch. So be aware of the lovely settings that we sometimes overlook when planning an outdoor wedding.

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Love songs are a fundamental part of the wedding service. The slower tempo love songs are played for when the first dance is performed by the bride and groom.

If you have a love song that means something to you this should be the song played here. Most couples will have a song that they class as “their song” and every time they hear it they will be taken back to the first time they heard it and why the song means so much. But what if your song is not really appropriate for whatever reason? This is when you need to do some research and find a love song that has words that you both can relate to.

These are just 5 of the most classic love songs played at weddings. There are literally hundreds to choose from and what you chose should be personal to you. A lot of couples are now turning the first dance into a fully blown dance routine which they have practiced. You can start with a slow love song like one of the above, and then after the first chorus you can get your DJ to change the song to a dance track which you dance together. Other wedding members who are in on the act can be a part of it and join in. Rehearsal is key here and the changing of the song. Many DJs just play a scratchy sound so it sounds like the songs crashed, and then all of a sudden the dance track comes on and the bride and groom and others involved step up to the beat. This is really hilarious especially it a well hidden secret; you only have to look at videos online to see how other couples did this and the reaction it caused. It also takes the pressure away from the first dance.

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Aruna Seth is a British born bridal shoe designer vying for Kate Middleton to appoint her Royal wedding shoe designer. Aruna Seth ‘Fit for a Princess,’ designs could be the perfect choice for the Princess, a top design from Aruna retails at over £2,000. Aruna would offer to hand-make a one off bespoke design for Kate Middleton. Her collection is admired by a big British fan-base and stocked in the most exclusive bridal stores in London, Browns Bride and Caroline Castigliano. Aruna Seth says:

"We’d love to be picked to be Royal Wedding shoe designer, it would be a truly magical experience. Kate Middleton’s bridal shoes should be simple, elegant with a hint of glamour to match her style; with a reasonable heel-height to be in proportion to Kate’s petit frame. I’d recommend Kate choosing effortless, classic shoes that will stand the test of time. In a shoeaholic’s world, choosing appropriate bridal shoes should be as important as the grandeur of the dress. Kate will have a four-minute walk up the carpeted aisle of the 900-year-old church of Westminster Abbey therefore comfort will be key. Spending a long-time on her feet, Kate’s bridal shoes will need to be beautiful yet practical; Aruna Seth shoes all contain a special plush padding providing extra comfort for the Royal day. I feel the ‘Bryony’ shoe pictured below to be the most ‘Kate Middleton’ appropriate from my collection. We would of course design a bespoke one-off bridal shoe for Kate’s special day if asked."

Anouska Beckwith looked utterly charming at the Cartier Polo wearing a beautiful pair of Aruna Seth Astrid wedge shoes Pixie Lott stepped out to The Ivy restaurant in a pair of Aruna Seth crystal butterfly embellished flats in black leather, The black leather peep-toe shoes are custom-made and worth £365. Aruna Seth Seth fabulous butterfly ballerina’s come in a variety of colours including on trend nude!

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